The Agua Buena
Human Rights

San José Costa Rica
Teléfonos: (506) 2280-3548
P.O.Box: 366-2200 Coronado

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  • We work to support the formation of strong advocacy groups run for and by People Living with HIV/AIDS throughout the Central American region. Our focus is on the need to confront human rights violations against people with AIDS and on the equally urgent need for PWA's to receive potentially life saving medications in the region. We have visited various countries and published several articles regarding this theme.

  • We try to organize and make available information about the situation of People Living with AIDS throughout the Central American region and we have material available in Spanish and English that we can mail or send by internet. We also have available a directory of Agencies working in the field of AIDS and human rights for sexual minorities in Central American countries.

  • We provide low cost or free counseling support to People Living with AIDS here in San José Costa Rica.

  • We are available to conduct workshops and seminars related to the theme of empowerment of the AIDS affected community, focused on specific skills that People With AIDS can use to confront discrimination and denial of adequate medical treatment.

  • We also work for the betterment of thegay/lesbian/transgendered community in Costa Rica and throughout Central America and we maintain close ties with gay/lesbian/transgendered groups throughout the region.

  • Finally we offer visiting scholars and students the opportunity to stay with us in the "Pension Agua Buena" which offers clean, secure and affordable housing in Eastern San José near the University of Costa Rica. We can also help to arrange language classes and internships or volunteer opportunities. The Pension Agua Buena offers furnished rooms for rent in our houses by the week from $60 and by the month from $180. Each house has a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, and a living room with Cable TV. Use of the telephone, washing machine, and all other facilities is included in the price.


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